The Easiest Painted Rocks Ever



Painted Rocks seem to be the rage these days in craft circles and with kids and I can see why. And we have had so much interest in our painted rock posts, here and here and so many questions on exactly how to paint rocks etc. that I was thrilled to find the EASIEST method of painting rocks ever! These can be done by anyone.

These beauties were found on the exquisite French blog Isabelle Kessedjian and because I understand French, I can tell you exactly how these were made!

So, here goes:

* First paint these rocks, (which by the way, are rocks found on the beach, so very smooth) with a coat of white, acrylic craft paint.

* Let them dry.

* Then you use these Molotow markers and paint (draw) away!

Now a note about these Molotow paint markers. They are fantastic. You can mix the colors and change the nib size. You can do so much with these that my imagination is running wild!

That’s it. And I have an added step if you would like them to be shinier – you can coat with Mod Podge or with some clear nail varnish  as we did for these Painted Rocks.

Happy Weekend!

xox, jeanne