The Elephant DVD by Eric Herman


We got this a few days ago and the kids are watching it non-stop! As soon as Solène, my 17-month old heard The Elephant Song, she was bopping around in her diapers. Oh, and she also loves playing with the DVD cover. This is the new The Elephant DVD by Eric Herman, the artist behind the song, Ants in Your Pants. Eric is huge with the kiddos – his Youtube video has had over 18,000,000 hits! The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek at times to keep us parents amused too, and the accompanying graphics are funky, colorful and just hilarious. They range from cartoons to real kids, and cover everything from dancing, eating your vegetables, cleaning up (gotta love that), and just having fun. Of course, Eric’s also in there doing his thing.

All 10 music videos are a mixture and variety of catchy tunes and sweet ballads. Besides Ants in Your Pants, Oona loves, Dance Like an Animal, and Crazy Over Vegetables. She has also become attached to, Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard – a humorous pirate tale. As for me, I keep listening to My Lucky Day  – just a great catchy song. I went to bed last night and couldn’t get it out of my head. I’m just so glad to give the Wiggles a break for a while! The Elephant DVD is available on Amazon.

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