The Future Architect’s Handbook by Barbara Beck


We just got this wonderful book, The Future Architect’s Handbook by Barbara Beck, and it is the exact book I have been looking for to teach the girls about architecture in a fun way that they can understand.

This book explores how architects really work, so kind of like “Take your kid to work day” if you were an architect. It leads the young reader through the entire process for planning and designing a house. It also teaches them the architect’s four main drawings: the Site Plan, Floor Plan, Section, and Elevation including the concept of drawing each plan to scale. Aspiring architects discover design techniques, along with different, exciting architectural styles used today. All of this is brought to life in freehand, pen-and-ink architectural drawings. This book is the perfect introduction to architecture, revealing why buildings look and function as they do. And it’s great the way the reader is led through the designs in a conversational way that tells a story.

So, just a great place to start the young ones on designing their own buildings. Published by Schiffer Books.