The Little Prince


I have started reading chapter books to Oona, just a few pages a night. We still read the picture books but I thought I would try mixing it up a bit. The first one we have started with is The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the beloved and poignant story of The Little Prince’s journeys through planets and on Earth. We haven’t finished it yet but Oona keeps her interest up even though there are few pictures and loves it. And I love reading this beautiful French classic again – in French so it’s actually, Le Petit Prince.

And these lovely childlike paintings of Le Petit Prince by Danielle Le Bricquir can be found on my friend, Brigitte St. Ouen’s website, 32 Fine Arts . Even the three-year-old twin daughters of Brigitte relate to this story as she likens The Little Prince who cleans his planet, to them cleaning their bedroom, and The Little Prince sharing adventures with his friend the fox, to them sharing and playing with their friends. The good thing about this story is that there is something to be found in it’s pages for people of every age.