This post is from my friend, Michelle in London.

The Tate Modern is one of the most child-friendly places in London. Even getting there is a treat: crossing the Millenium Bridge with St Paul’s behind you, the Thames below you and the Tate just ahead. Children love the main entry into the Turbine Hall – charging down the sloping floor that evens out into that famous cavernous space where some of the Tate’s most popular exhibitions have been held. There is an interactive zone where you’ll see small escapees from exhibitions being minded by their tag-teaming parents. When it’s time for lunch you’ll find the Tate is in tune with today’s foodie parents. Children’s meals include a small sandwich and juice (served in special Tate cups) and allow little ones to add to the meal by selecting a few pots – fresh carrot sticks, grapes, raisins… Of course there will be crayons and colouring sheets for the kids. Breast feeding? You are welcome. Need to change a nappy? Just over there. And you cannot go without spending a serious half hour in the Tate shop, and I am not even referring to the art books.  If you’re too energised to leave, you can hop on a Tate to Tate boat which whisks you off to the Tate Britain near Trafalgar Square (which is admittedly a more sober affair for children).  If you’re heading home via St. Paul’s tube station, don’t forget to stop at Bea’s of Bloomsbury on Watling Street for some of the best cupcakes in London


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