Thomas Paul Graphic Print Decor and Toys

I love everything that ultra-talented New York designer Thomas Paul produces with his graphic and amazing prints. So I am thrilled to give you my picks of his kid-related designs: I’m really charmed by the black and white print Luddite pillows above. The birds perched on each item are so jaunty and cute and I have a penchant for those old fashioned prams-they were a thing of beauty.

And these soft antique toys of Annie Doll, Mr. Piggy, Miss Kitty, Puppy, Louie, and Teddy Bear are just adorable. I would like to collect them all for my girls. And below, I love this luxurious bunny print pink alpaca blanket, and super cute linen bunny pillow that has the head of the bunny on one side and the rear on the other.

And just so you have something gorgeous and sweet to stand or sit on while looking at all these other beautiful items, below is a totally adorable New Zealand Wool rug of a Mama Robin feeding little Baby Robin. I’m smitten.