Thredup Online Consignment and Recycling Store


Here’s one for all you recycling moms who don’t have time to shop! I’m intrigued by this swap site ThredUP Kids based in California.

In just a few minutes, you can pick out some gently-worn clothing for your child, pay a small fee to have the bag shipped to you, and have a new lot of pre-loved clothes for your little one.

Then, when the clothes (or other clothes that you have) are outgrown and hopefully still in wearable condition, you pack it all up into a free bag, write a general description of the bag’s contents on the thredUP kids site and wait for someone to request the box from you which thredUP kids completely arranges. And you get paid! Oh, and you don’t pay a thing to mail something out. Check out all the options here. Sounds like a great idea to me!