Tide Pool Craft



We have been seeing this great Tide Pool craft all over the place and decided to try it out today! This a very simple craft which is quite sweet and is suitable for preschoolers up to any age.

This is what you need:

Directions for Tide Pool Art

1. Use a blue crayon or oil pastel to draw the shape of your tide pool on the watercolor paper. Then cut around your shape.




2. Use oil pastels or crayons to draw sea life, fish, seaweed, rocks and mermaids or whatever you like inside your tide pool. As you can see, the girls both featured mermaids in theirs. Make sure you leave a border to paste the sand onto at the end.

3. Use blue watercolor to paint inside your tide pool. You can paint right over the oil pastel or crayon drawings. And you can draw with Sharpies over the top to highlight or add some definition.




5. Now it’s time to glue on the sand in the border. Paint the border with glue. (We used our fingers to cover it all. Then sprinkle the sand or vase filler (which is what we used). If it’s not enough or there are spaces, you can keep drizzling glue and applying more sand. That is how we got the bumpy effect. Et voila!