TJ Hughes – online store



Plush Rocking Horse

In my eternal search for unusual and useful gifts, I came across TJ Hughes, an online store that is a one-stop shop for moms, dads, kids, household items and even Christmas decorations! And thought I would share it in case you have a few items left to buy before Christmas.

I initially stumbled onto the cute Little Henry vacuum below, (which actually does light vacuuming) because Solène has been trying to use my vacuum, so thought it might be good to get her one that is safe.  Also, I don’t mind her doing some housework either! Then, I found some other nifty toys that I was interested in that I have shared with you. I also like this Children’s Wooden Easel. Here’s their website so you can see all that they offer!


Little Henry vacuum




Telescope and Microscope set


Mini Pool Table