Tour of the Etsy Headquarters – Brooklyn


I had never really thought about Etsy (the online marketplace for vintage, handmade and all sorts of artistic objects) even having an office before one of my artist friends, who had her art studio right next to Etsy would tell me about how amazing their office is! My friend recently moved out and guess, what? Etsy added her studio workroom to their space! And she also told me about their ongoing and renowned (except to me, it seems) craft labs and workshops. So, intrigued by all this and still not having the get up and go to actually cross the Manhattan Bridge to get over there personally (I know. I  know), I found these intriguing photos on the Matiz Architecture and Design site. They are the folks responsible for the initial design of the space. And the Etsy employees keep adding to the beautiful craziness all the time…with objects from Etsy!