Trax – GPS Tracker for Kids & Pets


This is the answer to kids getting lost. Oh, and Fido too. Finally.

With the recent release of its itsy-bitsy yet powerful Trax realtime GPS solution, Swedish company, Wonder Technology Solutions, has a real winner on their hands. Trax is absolutely perfect for parents of spirited kids or owners of wandering pets. I wish I had one of these years ago!

All you do is slip the tracker (the size of a matchbox and weighing less than an ounce) into a pocket, clip it to some clothing or thread it through a leash. Then download the app and be at least a bit more relaxed than usual about losing your kids.

“Kids and dogs are very similar—they’re at their best when they’re running about! Exploring, playing with one another, learning new things and, in the case of kids, becoming independent, that’s what they should be doing, not being wrapped in cotton wool,” says Trax’s founder and product developer Mikael Karlsson. Mikael was inspired to create Trax because of his two unruly terriers, who were continually straying.

Trax retails for $250—which includes two years of unlimited roaming in over 30 countries.