Whimsical Modern Wood Taxidermy Inspired Heads

I’m so enchanted by the Whimsical Wood Taxidermy Inspired Heads created by Tzachi Nevo, the designer and creator of the unique modern decorative wall decor brand Urban Masquerade. 

Each piece is different; inspired by a different theme, it can be a funny characters he met, books, drawings, cartoons, or anything that sparks Tzachi’s imagination. He creates these by laser cutting pieces of wood, painting and then assembling them in layers and glueing them together to make a unique, artistic and really beautiful wooden wall decor.

The particular collection includes a diverse collection of animals from all around the world like a panda, bear, zebra, bull and a deer. Shop it here.

Tzachi has a vast range of other charming and highly modern and artistic pieces, some of them quite pricey but some sweet little deals like this bird for only $39!