WrittenAfterwards Book Bed

July 19th, 2011

I want this bed. I can just imagine snuggling up with a book in this book with my bookworms. Designed by Japanese fashion and culture label, writtenafterwards, self-described as “…provides communication of an education, society, culture and environment into fashion”. Photographed by Yusuke Suzuki, this futon-type bed has actual giant pages you can turn and colorful picture-pillows. And no fighting over the covers as they are attached at the center. Bedtime and booktime are very beautifully linked together. What a great concept – great for hide and seek in between those sheet pages. I wouldn’t have problems getting the kids to bed with this one. The problem would be getting them out of bed. And it closes like a book if you want to pack it away when the kids (or you) aren’t playing in it.

Here is writtenafterwards website, if you want more info. Don’t you just love that name?

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