Zoo Lake – Johannesburg

November 26th, 2012



If you have more than a day in Johannesburg and you’re with kids, head to Zoo Lake. Open since 1908, Zoo Lake is modern and fresh. It offers a clean, free playground with three areas arranged by age level or a fabulous Afro-chic restaurant called Moyo with a children’s playspace (for the cost of a cup of coffee). Zoo Lake itself is a large green area with a large pond, highlighted by a fountain in the middle and hordes of ever-hungry ducks and geese. Bring bread!

Located off Jan Smuts Avenue across from the Johannesburg Zoo, this park beats with the heart of South Africa’s diversity, attracting locals and foreigners alike.  On our last visit we did an informal language survey (by eavesdropping!) and counted fifteen languages being spoken.  Come join in the joy.






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